About me

I moved to Rockwall in 1983 with my family. My parents were both entrepreneurs and they chose to move to Rockwall because it was safe and the schools had a great reputation, and of course it had a beautiful lake. I spent most of my childhood in Rockwall. My first two jobs were here in Rockwall at The Shores in the Pro Shop and at Mr. Catfish. I graduated from Rockwall High School and I can say that I was blessed to grow up here in Rockwall County. After high school I attended Stephen F Austin University before transferring to Texas A&M University.

After college I took a promotion with my then employer to be an Area Manager of a small restaurant group, which I held for several years, until taking a position with Enterprise Holdings where I had a long career that took me to Oklahoma, Missouri, and Canada. When God blessed me with my wife Alma McClintock, I decided it was time to come home. We love Rockwall County for the reasons my parents came here so long ago. It is safe, the schools are great and the people are amazing. We are raising a daughter here and I could not imagine a better place for her to be. People support each other here in a way that just does not happen everywhere else. We have a sense of pride in our county. I am the current Vice President of the Rockwall Lions Club and I am proud to be in Rockwall County. I am looking forward to serving our community.

Most of my professional career has been spent helping organizations grow, helping those organizations run as efficiently as possible, and leading and developing people for success. I am proud to say that I received several organizational awards for top performance and that many of the people I helped develop went on to award winning careers as well. I am now the owner and CEO of two Rockwall businesses; Barmetrix, a restaurant and bar consulting business where we help owners learn how to operate more efficiently and bring more money to the bottom line, while reducing risk, and NTX Disinfect, Allergy, and Mold that offers various residential and commercial services for a healthier space.

Why me

I am running for Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees Place 1 because I am passionate about ensuring that we continue to provide top quality education to all our students in this challenging time and that we continue to be great stewards of money allocated by our community. We have many things to consider including getting our kids back in school amidst Covid 19, improving our online school offering for those that need it, protecting our conservative values and ensuring we don’t fall victim to agendas that don’t serve the best interests of our students and our community, ensuring that we spend all bond and tax dollars wisely with an eye on our future growth, and continuing to grow our offering to our students in areas such as trades and JROTC. I am running to protect the conservative values our community believes in. I am running to ensure we have top tier A rated schools for our students and for the benefit of our future economic development in Rockwall County. I am running for our future.

I am asking for your support and your vote. God Bless Rockwall County, God Bless Texas, and God Bless the United States of America.

How will you make a difference on the board?

I will make a difference by working hard to engage the community, the administration, teachers, and students where appropriate in issues the board is undertaking. I am a representative of those that elect me, and I will never forget that responsibility. I will make a difference by standing up for conservative values and not being a rubber stamp on agendas TEA or TASB suggests we follow even if that is unpopular.
I have been responsible for multi-million-dollar budgets during my professional career and I am extremely comfortable in that process. I will bring a conservative, well rounded business leadership mind to the board. I also have experience working on a board and working in committees.

I have good knowledge of the educational system. My oldest daughter is Autistic, and I learned all I possibly could so I could be a good advocate for her. I respect the opinions of those that do the work every day, like those teachers and administrators that worked with my daughter. I will always listen and be available to those with a concern and while I may not be able to solve every issue I will work hard to help. I am committed to being easily available to parents, teachers, and administrators. I am committed to continuing to learn where I am not an expert to be the best servant possible to this community.

A Sign


While there are many important issues I believe these to be the most important and I please to uphold these:

  • We must be more transparent and seek out involvement from the community we represent in our district.
  • Protect our conservative values; oppose the acceptance of gender dysphoria in female sports and critical race theory education in our schools while ensuring American Exceptionalism is taught.
  • Maintain strong oversight of the district’s financial stability and the impact of bond and tax dollars used by the district.
  • Expand and improve the accessibility of certifications we offer in trades and establish JROTC.
  • Our special needs student population is growing. I am committed to having innovative special needs education that strives for excellent outcomes.
  • Committed to getting all students back to the classroom without restrictions or mandates.

The Campaign

If you would like to support my campaign, use the button below and complete the information on the page.